Just like the Public Fish Markets of  years ago we could buy many items walking up and down aisles.   We now make it easier to shop and safer to pay for items you buy everyday.  We own a number of technology companies and license a number of patents and processes.  Our competitors just offer one technology or opportunity to the consumer but we offer more than one.  We are unique in the following:

Cash Back Rewards Mall - The mall features more than 1400 stores.  The national stores we offer you already shop at either online or in person.  Such online stores you shop at least once a month such as beauty, hardware and pet supplies to name a few.   You will have online access to the top five grocery retailers in the United States.  Remember, you will benefit from current discounts and coupons but when you shop through us to their website and you will benefit from a additional 3 to 5% cash back rewards.      We also have the ability to bring traffic to  your online store by adding it to our mall which reaches millions of people a month.  Contact us to bring your online store to our mall.

Prepaid Debit Card - If you have  internet access and the ability to shop online but no banking instrument to use to purchase, we offer you an online prepaid debit card at no cost.   Go to the following website to order your prepaid card.


You can control your spending and have the ability to load cash onto the prepaid card at any MoneyGram locations that load prepaid cards using the vendor code for LNG of 15849.   You will also be able to recieve tax refunds, direct deposit as well as sharing of funds with other Prepaid Debit Card holder under our brand.

Cellular Discount and Top up Services - Coming December 2018



Next Steps...

To participate at no cost services please "TAKE ACTION" and sign up for the "Cash Back Rewards Mall" at no cost to you today.